Services Simulator Development


Simulating civil aircraft for training purposes is the core of our business. We have cradle-to-grave experience developing several wide-body aircraft types for major TDMs from project conception through to post-RFT support. Areas where we particularly specialize are listed below:

  • Simulator Functions
    • Project setup (VS, GCC)
    • Scheduling
    • Repositions, freezes, snapshots, etc.
    • Customer profiles
  • Aircraft Systems
    • Ancillaries (e.g. electrics, fuel, anti-ice)
    • Air (e.g. pneumatics, cabin pressure)
    • Avionics (simulation, hardware stimulation, or rehost integration)
  • Performace
    • Ground reaction models
    • Flight control models
    • QTG scripting and presentation
  • Simulator Features
    • Control loading integration
    • Motion integration & vibration modeling
    • Sound integration
    • Visual integration (with HUD)
    • IOS design