Services Installation, Acceptance and Qualification Services

Acceptance Services

If you have purchased a simulator, then you will likely need to go through a technical evaluation of that device. We would love to help you with that technical evaluation.

When a training centre purchases a simulator, it goes through a technical evaluation known as an acceptance. This acceptance does not only ensure that the simulator meets training requirements, but it ensures that the simulator is maintainable, will meet (or exceed) qualification requirements and ensures that the end-user gets the best product possible.

Ferguson Engineering has been involved in countless acceptances of simulators in preparation for qualifications all over the world. Our technical background allows us to be very critical while evaluating simulators, ensuring that training centres get the best possible product. Because we are frequently involved in simulator development, our criticism is always objective and constructive, giving the training device manufacturer (TDM) the information that they need to solve the issues raised. Our experience includes evaluation of the simulated vehicle, evaluation of QTGs, visual systems, motion systems, instructor systems, and simulator support systems including load deployment and configuration management utilities.

Qualification Services

When inviting aviation authorities to evaluate your simulator, it is important that the device will be presentable. While this is usually confirmed during an acceptance for an initial qualification, other circumstances may leave you in need of expertise required to prepare your device. We would be happy to offer this expertise to you. We have experience with all major qualification standards including the 14 CFR Part 60 (Change 2), FSTD-A, ICAO 9625 4th edition, and various other translations of these documents which serve as the regulatory requirements accross the world. We also have experience working with many aviation authorities including American, European, Asian and South American authorities and qualifications including multiple authorities, multiple standards, and qualifications by foreign authorities. We have also been present at the first qualifications in Colombia and Sri Lanka, and have been involved in the first eQTG submission in Europe. We can also help when you have unique requirements for your qualification. Whether you are qualifing a HUD, T2CAS, RNAV, SATCE, SMGCS, or trying to comply with the new Part 60 change 2 requirements, we have you covered.

Installation Services

Between demos for investors, installation by the TDM, visual manufacturer, mirror manufacturer, motion manufacturer, testing, debugging, alignments, and the other various activities, sometimes an installation of a new device is simply too chaotic. If this is the case, you are very welcome to contact us. We can coordinate with all parties to ensure that all activities are completed within your schedule.

We can also arrange shipping and hardware installation through our partners at Danyel Services. Through this arrangement, we can offer a complete installation from purchase to qualification.