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Industry Participation

Members of Ferguson Engineering have been involved in many industry activities. From attending seminars at WATS to participating in drafting and publishing new industry standards. Ferguson Engineering strives to drive the industry forward towards more effective training and safer flight.

Most recently, our members have been involved in drafting Arinc specification 439A. This relates to Simulated Air Traffic Control Environments (SATCE) and provides a specification for how it should be implemented in FSTDs. This specification is referenced by ICAO 9625 4th Ed. and we believe this marks a direction in which the industry is travelling. SATCE transports the simulated aircraft from a sterile training session to an immersive training enviornment by providing traffic, and ATC services to that traffic. This introduces a more representative cognitive workload to the trainee and will significantly increase the effectiveness of LOFT-style training. We feel that this technology is worth evolving and will soon be a valuable addition to all flight training curriculums. Do you have a SATCE development or deployment in progress? We would love to hear about it!